The end of radio analog How to continue listening

Digitalisation is rapidly advancing and it appears like the time is now over for analogue cable radios. In certain areas, you may currently not receive broadcasts on these devices. By 2019 , analog transmissions will gradually be cut off entirely across Europe. We will show you how to keep your phone in contact without analog.

The technical background of analog cable radio

This article is focused on the wired transmission of analog radio signals. The signals are transmitted from traditional multimedia sockets through coaxial cables (female antenna socket) to audio receivers or radios. The signal from the analogue cable (PAL) is used for television sets and also is altered by switching it off. The FM signal that is received by the antennas, on the other side, will be in the transmission.

The reason behind the shut down is due to the demands for the Internet. There is basically no space available for radio signals. Technicallyspeaking, the issue is that the transmission capabilities in the cable network prior to the use of the analogue radio signal have been redesigned to be converted to Internet signals. This is required by the latest Docsis 3.1 transmission standard, which is employed by the cables network and permits Internet bandwidths of that gigabit spectrum.

The transition from analog to digital radio

There are many options to change from analog to DABplus radio. If you’d like to keep with your old analogue receiver you’ll need an electronic receiver (DVB-C) that connects between both the socket on the TV and older receiver. It then process and transmits an electronic signal. The radio output of the old receiver in the TV socket remains in place. Digital radio signals are transmitted to the system using RCA and optical digital cables. You can also listen to digital radio on the television set, though the audio may not be of the highest quality.

You could as well enhance your existing FM radio to DAB+. You can also purchase the DAB+ radio.

UKW, DAB+, Internet radio streaming Our world receiver is able to do everything

With the Radio 3Sixty You can also stay up-to-date to stay informed in the near future. It not only supports DAB+, but also Internet radio and Bluetooth and Bluetooth, making it the perfect choice to stream all your music. Here’s a quick overview of the features available on Radio 3Sixty:

  • • Strong sound due to two-way systems that comprise two full-range speakers as well as an integrated subwoofers that down-firing. > > Suitable for receiving using radio stations such as FM DAB+, and Internet radio. > Supports playback of streaming via Spotify Connect and Bluetooth 4.0. > Practical functions like an alarm clock and direct selection of your favorite stations, dimmable display , and USB 2.0 charging feature.

The 2-way system of Radio 3Sixty with down-firing subwoofer

Final conclusion: changing to an analog radio to digital

  • Analogue radios from an audio socket will be completely shut off in the year 2019.
  • The switching off will happen slowly and is already completed in a few areas.
  • The capacities that were previously used for radio analog are to be utilized for more speedy Internet connection.
  • Audio receivers that were previously used for radio analog could be retrofitted with DVB-C receivers.

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