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The head of the FTX is among the top 20 sponsors of US presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of Alameda agency and FTX Cryptoderivatives Exchange, contributed $5.22 million to the campaign fund of Democratic candidate Joe Biden. The data is available on the portal.

According to WSJ, at the time of writing Biden Crypto Revolt had received 264 of the required 270 votes to win.

Donald Trump needs to win re-election in the four remaining states where the votes are still being counted – Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina and Nevada. In the latter, after three quarters of the votes were counted, the leaders were Biden (49.3% vs. 48.7% Trump).

Under US law, every contribution to the candidate support fund is formalised as a private donation. Direct support on behalf of companies is prohibited.

Bankman-Fried confirmed the Block information to and explained that he made a donation as the CEO of the Alameda agency.

According to the publication, on the eve of the 46th U.S. presidential election, the daily futures trading volume on FTX exceeded $10 million.

The volume of futures trading on the results of the presidential elections in the United States. Source: The Block.

According to the sources of this media, the exchange may receive commissions on these contracts in the amount of about $1 million.

Let’s remind, a day earlier ForkLog reported on the vicissitudes of the past elections through the prism of dynamics of futures traded on FTX.